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The Future of Marketing Digital, Wearable & Artificial Intelligence

The world of marketing continues to evolve at a furious pace with new developments in technology massively impacting all platforms and channels, including social media, search, mobile and desktop. And as we keep pushing the limits of our knowledge and begin to approach true artificial intelligence, what can we expect in the future?

Join Shéa Bennett, Head of Digital at Identity, for a fascinating look at modern marketing innovations, insights and tips, and how the future might be a lot closer than you think.

Topics under discussion will include:


Digital marketing is no longer optional for brands – it’s an essential, business-changing tool. With a smartphone in every pocket and literally billions of social media users around the globe, the opportunity for companies in every sector to reach large, targeted groups of leads, prospects and customers has never been richer. But how will this space continue to evolve in the years to come? And what role will our voices play in search engine optimisation and the way that we interact online – and with each other?

Wearable Technology

While devices such as the iPhone are the dominant mobile technology today, a shift away from smartphones has already begun. Wearable technology, which includes everything from watches to fitness trackers, glasses and even clothing, is already a well-established medium. But as the technology evolves and these products become increasingly sophisticated, how will this impact the world around us? How should businesses be readying themselves for the change, and what position will “hearables” – and their reliance on non-passive, voice-to-voice conversational relationships – assume in this dynamic revolution?


Artificial Intelligence

Narrow artificial intelligence (AI), which includes single task-focused systems such as chess computers and multi-layered but otherwise non-sentient hybrids such as Apple’s Siri, are a well-established and increasingly commonplace in modern technology. But as these platforms evolve and become truly sentient, moving from narrow to general and ultimately superintelligence, what impact will this have on the world of marketing? How will AI-generated content, thought and creativity change the business world, and with what benefits – and costs – to mankind?

About Identity

Shéa heads the digital team at Identity, an award-winning leading global supplier of live events, conferences and brand activations. From their UK premises in East Sussex, works openly with in-house marketing teams and agencies to provide the support they need to meet budgets, exceed expectations and maximise return on investment. Services include exhibition stand design and build, 3D rendering and working drawings, graphic design, illustration, video and animation, digital marketing and immersive technology. Their client base includes such marquee names as Google, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, Warner Bros, ITV and Porsche.

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